Australian Computer Trader recommends The Bat! Voyager

11.1.2007 | Marek Mikuš

On August, 8, 2006 Australian Computer Trader issued an article about The Bat! Voyager. We present its text hereby.

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Data Security On The Go

With good reason, travellers who wish to exchange important e-mails and general communications while on the move may feel exposed to security leaks as they use foreign systems for their communications. Exchanging confidential messages from a strange computer may well mean your communications will be saved and read later, perhaps by those very people from whom you want the texts hidden. Ritlabs has come up with an excellent solution to the problem that will give you peace of mind in corresponding across the globe when away from your own, well protected system. Utilising Flash drive technology and high encryption software, The Bat! Voyager ensures that your data remains safe within the dedicated e-mail client on your USB Flash drive. You can order the complete kit, with the software and the drive, or just the program which you install on your own drive and your information is protected by a virtually impenetrable firewall. Hacker and virus protection ensure that attacks on your computer won't compromise your privacy. You can continue to access your data freely but outsiders will be unable to copy or capture your valuable information.
Simply carry The Bat! Voyager PRO flash drive with you when you travel, and process your e-mails from your hotel room, from clients' offices or from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection. You can get all the details on this powerful security system and try it by going to the Ritlabs home page at

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